AMy miller 

“I could not have had this sort of intensity of experience elsewhere. The support and encouragement I felt from Steve, from the other workshop participants, and from the other

artisans at the Studio all helped to push me forward with my work. The full-immersion – working beside professional carvers, being able to watch their techniques and processes, and listening to conversations about carving and life – was a vital component of the workshop for me. I learned more than I had anticipated. I accomplished so much more than I had ever hoped to do.”

— Amy Miller


Joseph Brickey

“To say my experience in Carrara far exceeded my expectations feels like an insufficient description of what has already become a life changing experience. Being a first time stone carver but a long time artist, I well understood that learning a new art medium is both difficult and extremely time-consuming.  Consequently, I was anxious about what could possibly come of only a weeks with this most beautiful yet intimidating medium.  What I could not calculate, though, was the invaluable influence of Steve Shaheen.”

— Joseph Brickey


Beth and James Cullen 

“The two weeks were a sumptuous blur, a decadent battle between you and the marble. You should go… because it’s sublime.” 

— Beth Cullen


“The thought of carving marble in Carrara then was an inspiring yet terrifying prospect for someone who hadn’t touched a chisel since being a student but I was to discover that I had absolutely nothing to fear and every thing to rejoice in as it turned out to be the most enjoyable and productive experience far beyond any I had hoped and anticipated.”

— James Cullen


I could not have been more immersed in the stones of Carrara than in the two weeks of this workshop. Living with the ancient powder in my hair and on my skin was a joy of the senses. No other tourist attraction beats the physical engagement I felt with my surroundings.  All the people I met were open, gracious, generous and affable.  A truly unique experience.

—Elvira Ferrario

The two weeks Tuscany Study workshop was an unforgettable experience. Besides the premier quality of instruction we received, the interactive nature of the workshop allowed us to observe and learn from artisans, international sculptors and other participants in a state-of-the-art work environment.  Steve and Ali were great teachers, in addition to being wonderful people.
I would return any day!

—Sky Ananda

It was a real pleasure to be working within a traditional marble workshop and carve alongside the established pros in this craft - who were very generous with their attention to our needs. Also seeing the huge equipment at work and watching how large pieces are moved and assembled was educational and inspiring.

—Philip Monteleoni

The course provided me with the skills to be able to go through the complete process of carving a sculpture from beginning to end. I learned about the variety of hand and power tools used to execute a design in stone. I learned about the different qualities of a variety of stones and how to approach stone using the reductive method. We also briefly reviewed methods of using different measuring devices to replicate and enlarge from a maquette. The added field trips, especially to Florence and the Staglieno Cemetery in Genoa gave me a deeper appreciation for Michelangelo's unique style and abilities as well as exposed me to a variety of sculptural styles and techniques utilizing stone. It was a pleasure to meet so many other interested sculptors and to work in such an inspiring studio environment.

—Dina Torrans

“THANK YOU! I just experienced the best 3 weeks of my life and that’s in large part thanks to you. I don’t even know where to start or what to say or how to even thank you adequately (well, I can’t, I suppose). It’s so hard to encapsulate the last few weeks for anyone…you gave me the best three weeks of my life, so thanks.”

—Megan Whittaker

“I had a great time! The program was really nice, I enjoyed myself a lot. I loved the teacher…I see your vision for the program, and wish you all the best. And I hope to participate again in the future.”

—William Mwazi

“I just wanted to let you guys know I had the best time in Italy, and I will always cherish it in my memory. Thank you again!”

—Harry Ito

“I always wanted to try stone carving, so the trip helped me to fulfill a dream. Now I am hooked and definitely want to go back again. The master carvers were intelligent, fun and willing to answer questions and help us fuel our passion for working in this medium.”

—Cindy Noles

“I enjoyed the workshop immensely and think I learned something in the process. Seriously, my goal of returning next year says it all. Great experience worth every penny, and then some.”

—Jason Gillespie