All courses are hosted in a professional stone sculpture studio, where participants have the unparalleled opportunity to watch experienced carvers sculpting nearby on both small and monumental projects. Demonstrations of tools and techniques will be given throughout the course. Our staff of expert sculptors provide individualized instruction, showing proper tool use and explaining technique.  “Tricks of the trade” and other beneficial insights will be shared.  Explore our course offerings below, and click here to take a look at the stone carvings of our master instructors.

essential carving


Whether novice or expert, you haven't earned your chisels until you've carved controlled forms.  For course details, please click here.





Everyone wants to carve a face, but few do it well.  Learn the right way under expert guidance from figurative sculptors.  For course details, please click here. 




The “pointing machine” (macchinetta ai punti) is one of the most advanced techniques for translating a reference model into stone. This course is a rare opportunity to learn it under expert guidance. For course details, please click here.





You've mastered the basics, and now you're ready to get into it.

For course info, please click here.


Included in tuition:

• Daily studio access and work station in a modern, fully-equipped sculpture facility.

• Air hoses and high-compression air supply.

• 220-volt electricity.

• Delicious Italian lunches in a friendly atmosphere with other sculptors.

• First and last nights’ dinners, freshly prepared in a local trattoria.

• Field trips to Pietrasanta and local points of interest.

• Guided tour to Florence or Staglieno Cemetery.

• Guided tour of the marble quarries above Carrara.

• All ground transportation to and from the studio and on field trips.

• Assistance with selecting, moving and (if necessary) squaring/trimming stone.

• Guidance with crating and shipping your work.