Joseph Brickey

To say my experience in Carrara far exceeded my expectations feels like an insufficient description of what has already become a life changing experience. Being a first time stone carver but a long time artist, I well understood that learning a new art medium is both difficult and extremely time-consuming. Consequently, I was anxious about what could possibly come of only a couple weeks with this most beautiful yet intimidating medium. What I could not calculate, though, was the invaluable influence of Steve Shaheen.

I could not have anticipated a teacher so fully invested in my own personal success, and so capable of guiding me along that path. Steve’s enthusiasm and dedication to your own progress is contagious and encouraging. He is an immediate advocate, a thoughtful mentor, and a genuine friend to all those he teaches. His deep knowledge of a wide array of tools and rich experience with stone becomes your own through his passion and proficiency in teaching.

I have never experienced that kind of artistic growth, devoted instruction and timeless insights in such a short period. In a long and full life of art study, I consider my time under his tutelage the most important and significant boost to my artistic possibilities that I’ve ever had. Truly, I cannot overstate the enthusiasm and value I place on this extraordinary experience.


– Joseph Brickey, 2012 Artist Resident