Ability Level: Intermediate to Expert

Description: Using a reference model is a historically-proven method for creating a predictable stone sculpture, the most advanced technique being “pointing” with the use of a specialized, multi-axis mechanism developed in 18th-Century Italy. This workshop will cover the use of this sophisticated tool and procedure, including the all-important setup of model, stone and pointing frame. All participants are required to bring or purchase their own pointing machine, which can be obtained locally for approximately €180.

Additionally, use of all fundamental chisels and hammers will be discussed and demonstrated.  Participants will engage in every aspect of the carving process: from roughing out the form with chisels to finishing it with rasps, sanding stones and other abrasives.  Additionally, participants will learn about stone selection, pre-carving preparation, and workplace safety concerns.  The use of more advanced tools such as diamond saws will be demonstrated.   

  • Participants are required to submit portfolio images indicating they have sufficient experience to undertake this course.

  • Participants are required to bring the appropriate safety gear.

  • Participants are required to bring a face model as specified by the instructor.

  • 2 compasses, square, ruler and point maker included for each participant to keep.

  • Marble included. Participants must bring, rent or purchase their own hand or pneumatic tools.