Here are the options for tools during the workshop:

  • Bring your own tools, especially if you have preferred chisels, pneumatic hammers, etc.
  • Purchase tools in Italy.  We will be taking two trips to Pietrasanta to the best and most economical sources for stone carving tools--once in the beginning of the trip, and once toward the end.  We can also pick up sets for you prior to your arrival, and have put together our most recommended manual and pneumatic tools sets (please contact us for more information).
  • Rent tools.  If you wish to not bring your tools, or to supplement what you bring without purchasing, you can rent a set for the period of the workshop.  We have 1) manual tool sets; 2) pneumatic tool sets; 3) grinders with blades, each available for rent separately. Note that Italy uses 220-volt electricity, so North American electronics will not work there.
  • Whether you are bringing tools or wish to rent/purchase them, please let us know as soon as possible so we can be sure to procure any necessary items prior to your arrival.



Things to Bring


Sculpture-related - You will need to bring (or purchase in Italy):

  • Protective eyewear (it is advisable to have both clear and sunglasses).
  • Hearing protection (plugs or over-ear)
  • Dust mask or respirator (only dust particle filters are necessary)
  • Sturdy work shoes with steel toe.  A pair can be purchased in Italy for around €40 and shipped home with your stone, if you prefer to avoid the weight in your luggage.


Non-sculpture-related - Some suggested items in addition to the usual...

  • Swimwear - we are close to the Mediterranean and you may want to take a dip, if it's warm enough!  We've swam as late as December 1...

  • Converter plugs for electronics.  Note: laptops and cell phone chargers do not require electricity transformers; they only need a plug conversion from your country's standard to the European/Italian double prong.  These usually cost just a few dollars or euro.  Check your device ahead of time.
  • Comfortable walking shoes.  We will be doing some touring, particularly a long day in Florence, so please be sure to have comfy sneakers, etc.
  • Laundry bag (there is nearby laundry service).
  • Any vitamins/medications/etc. you might have trouble finding in Italy.
  • Italian phrasebook/dictionary.